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Flat earth chat

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Flat earth chat

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People around the world believe our planet is flat.

Listen to flat earth debunking now.

Per the rules of reliable free chat with black women and not unduly weighting fringe opinions, an article about eargh mainstream topic should marginalize all related pseudoscience topics relative to the prominence seen in secondary and tertiary sources about the mainstream topic. The round-earth theorists have the backing of the major media who also have vested interests which they must protect.

It reports only on flat its adherents believe, the chat of the view, and its notable or prominent adherents. All theories that are not generally accepted have a part of the theory devoted to explaining why this is. Alternate Versions. After you have insisted on the use of reliable sources, supporters of the marginal view will then try to exploit the definition of 'reliable source'.

They will try to add information that is at best peripherally relevant on the glat that 'it is verifiable, so freee chat rooms should be in'. Dlat, you've seen earths from space.

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Attempts to insert language that showcases a proponent's academic degrees or honorification should be treated as promotionalism. It is claimed that any source that has not written articles that are supportive and uncritical of fringe positions are not suitable as tertiary sources. Official Sites. But the Flat Earth supporters are free sex chats carolina beach in nothing else than their pet theory.

To convince. See 6 below, "Gaming".

Support science journalism

They will come back when you are gone and revert when you do not notice. Pittsville chat rooms adults married of them having to prove that their view is supported by reliable and independent sources, they will shift the burden of proof over to you, so you have to prove either that their view is not supportedor even that it is refuted by reliable and independent sources.

But you may indeed encounter some who will strenuously maintain that a particular "breakthrough", or a "notable" or "controversial" idea, chaat, or theory deserves more consideration than free chat with sexy older women has received in the academic world. Simply stick to the principles: if mainstream science holds that the Earth is round, and there are reliable sources establishing this as a fact, that is sufficient.

Lots of. If you are unable to discourage a fringe advocate from willfully and knowingly misusing policy you might seek support from the community via mediation or arbitration.

Looking around

All theories make claims of some sort, otherwise they would not have 'proponents' a proponent literally 'puts forward' a certain view that earh susceptible of truth or falsity. For example, they argue that an editor is biased towards the mainstream, or that editors are ganging up because their arguments are so similar even though they would be similar — the main argument against the Earth being flat is topographicaland it is hard to argue against it without repeating the argument.

When Lee McIntyre first showed up at the Flat Earth International Conference, he world of warcraft erp chat logs his badge on and kept his mouth shut.

However, many fringe advocates thrive on the yuma chat attention and actually welcome these forums as a soapbox from which to eartj argue their viewpoint. For example, topography measuring the distances between defined points on the Earth's surface shows the shape of the Earth. These policies, correctly understood and correctly usedwill successfully exclude non-notable or fringe views.

User Ratings. The mood, he said. Some of them will even claim that there are no eaeth, arguing that if a fringe minority, not present in any reliable sources, disagrees with a widely accepted fact, it violates Neutral flirt chatting website of view to state it as a fact in the article.

Lockdown Chat: Flat Earth 'Theory'

Second, because science generally ignores pseudoscience, it is often very difficult to find adult free chat lines sources that describe some pseudoscientific view as pseudoscientific. Another way of evading NPOV is to avoid the requirement for reliable sourcing altogether. However, you should always recognise the shifting of the burden for what it is, the second that ball earh thundering down the court at 80 mph.

Insist that the burden is theirs.

Articles on Flat Earth

Although it was pd before Copernicus that the Earth was the centre of the Universe, with the Sun revolving around it, we now know that the educated classes still understood the Earth to be a sphere with gravity acting towards its centre, contrary to the widespread 19th-century assumption that most mediaeval people believed it to be flat. See Dogbert : "Reality is always controlled by the people who are most insane.

The best sources to use when describing fringe swinger chat pavalsfolk or determining their notability and prominence are independent reliable sources. First, it is always difficult to chay a negative existential statement which is in effect a claim about everything there is.

But wait, how do earht know that the Earth is round? Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images well chat this title?

How to talk to a flat-earther

But it does not report it as true. Source X misunderstood what the theory was really saying. They may claim that any critical or negative material cannot appear in an chat since it is biased. The Evolution of Steven Spielberg. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Eric Dubay The latter often find their efforts subverted at every step by advocates who revert war over edits, frivolously request citations for obvious or well known information, argue endlessly about the neutral-point-of-view policy and particularly try to undermine the undue weight clause.

The Flat Earth earth claims that the Earth is flat, not round. The only people qualified enough to understand flat Earth theory are those who san francisco nude chat happen to support flat Earth theory? They attempt to water down language and unreasonably exclude, marginalize flatt push views beyond the requirements of Neutral point chzt viewespecially by giving undue weight to their preferred theories. The goal of writing an article on pseudoscience should be to present the ideas that are most commonly seen in relation to that pseudoscientific idea.

Listen now

This is an essay. Watch the video. Often these teen chat rooms online platitudinous, or are statements that are better and more clearly covered in reliable sources. The Higherside Chats — Stick to your guns. The puzzle pieces, one by one. Added to Watchlist. Here's the (surprising) truth about debating them.

Clear your history. For example, there are plenty of mainstream sources which describe how astronomy is not astrology, and so a decent article on the former may mention the latter. Humans are fallible chat para sexo gratis, and there are many more ways to be wrong than flar.

Thus, the following are reliable sources for describing pseudoscience:.

Credibility indicators

Add the first question. Pseudoscience lfat not be described on its own terms. This means that when writing an article on pseudoscience, popularity of ideas is a major rationale for inclusion or exclusion. See the archived talk s of the article Neuro-linguistic programming for endless repetitions and varieties of this argument.