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Prodigy chat room

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Prodigy chat room

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FAQ Groups Log in. Looking for Someone from Prodigy Classic? Mark all topics read. Sticky: Looking for Someone from Prodigy Classic?

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PRODIGY ® Communicate - Bulletin Boards - View topic - Prodigy Chat

Sun Feb 03, am bamboozledboo. Give it a try and see if you like it and be a member for both sites what I offer is different and what is here is different, not trying steal any members just offering a different view. I'm looking for old friends. Welcome to another cross dressers chat room in a Prodigy chat room, where keyboard conversationalists can punctuate their points with.

My first character there was Echo, for whom this Web De business is now named.

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Sticky: Looking for Someone from Prodigy Classic? You cannot post new topics in this sex chat calgary You sweetwater phone chat reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts prodiggy this forum You can delete your posts in this forum You can vote in polls in this forum. Tue Jan 15, pm Lost Boy.

Echo's Home spans dozens of fairly small web s. Brrrrng. Mon Oct 13, am carla. The Real WaxMaster. One more note before you go visiting - there are some broken links in these s - mainly to external s which have moved or vanished from the web.

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Boom. Mark all topics read. I have traveled to Egypt with some of them. I was then asked to donate my time and efforts to the Prodigy Roleplay Forum, to do character biographies.

This is not your father's prodigy

Fri Aug 05, pm hinsel. Las Vegas Chat dhat By midPI subscribers ed , but the million-plus members shemales free chat the PC had dwindled ificantly. Prodigy thrived in the early '90s and even turned a profit in But during that year. I tried the Internet Newsgroups as a substitute for the old BB, but I found profanity and "flames" too common.

Prodigy tips and chat room (and anything prodigyish)

Whoosh. I have never found a. Remember me. Current members of Prodigy were happy enough, but as the uninitiated newbies flocked to the Provigy, America Online prospered. Spanish Room.

Place to explore and socialize

X-Files Chat? View topic :: View next topic. FAQ Groups Log in.

These s will be particularly interesting to those who are looking for roleplay character biographies or dramatic-style web sites. But sadly, the feature I loved the most became chat ramdon anachronism.

Chat rules

From the earliest entries to the last, a clear progression in my maturity as a web deer is evident. Fri Jan 14, am Henry J. Friendships arose from our bulletin board meetings.

I was the new kid on the block of regulars, all friendly people with varying interests and education and all keen on things ancient. Mon May 18, am Aurai Zanatos. Tue Jan 06, am WickedDiam0nd. Init launched nationwide. Thu Nsa finder taber 23, pm Jereviens.

Prodigy likes its chat rooms a little noisy

WarpKat Here! Prodigy was unique site vhat many different chat rooms and bulletin boards at the time in the 's was used by many. Fri Mar 12, pm Just someone to talk to. FAQ Groups Log in. Many people came and few left. I've visited with many of them when I have passed through their cities and many have visited with me when they passed through profigy.

The others went elsewhere. Bulletin boards and chat rooms became the center of attention.